Why Order Online?

We offer the fastest and least expensive shipping available on the internet. We aren't just an online site either, we have a real store with market and bakery here in Southern California. We serve thousands of customers in store and many more over the internet and phone too. You can see our retail store web site at http://www.portugalimports.net

About Us

We are first generation born in the United States. Our family is from the island of Terceira in the Azores Island group. Many of our family members left Portugal for the opportunities of the United States and brought over the language and traditions which are still celebrated today.

Delivering the foods you remember to share with friends and family.

Southern California is home to tens of thousands of Portuguese immigrants and their descendants. Portuguese and Dutch immigrants were among the first that settled in our area of Southern California which is today the city of Artesia.

As with other cultures, cuisine is very important to identity and traditions revolve around it. Portugal Imports is Southern California's source for Portuguese food products but now through our web store www.BuyPortuguesefood.com we serve hundreds of more customers all over the United States.